WHTG Projects

Training and Tools to help entangled marine mammals

WHTG is helping entangled animals, and the people who want work free them.

  • Training rescuers worldwide
  • Making equipment accessible for response organizations
  • Advancing rescue and disentanglement methods
  • Documenting causes of entanglements
  • Working to reduce marine debris

Forensic Ultrasound for Whales

Ultrasound to help determine cause of death for whales

  • Fast, portable, safe method to help investigate whale deaths
  • Can be used where access for equipment is difficult
  • Quick response where time or resources are limited
  • Working to reduce marine debris

Critical Care Nutritional Support for Starving Seals

WHTG developed critical therapies and delivery systems to provide nutritional support for starving Northern Elephant Seals in rehabilitation.

  • Developing specialized care for rehabilitating animals
  • Partnering to support wildlife rehabilitation centers
  • Designing new delivery systems to meet patient needs
  • Working to reduce marine debris

Rapid 3D Prototyping for biological use in harsh conditions

Using 3D design and printing, we were able to rapidly develop a flipper tag for Antarctic Deployment

  • 3D Design
  • Functional, Fast Prototype Development
  • Printed Flipper Tag was Deployed on an Antarctic Seal for over 300 days
  • Working to reduce marine debris